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Charlie Bear Jean (NEW ARRIVAL 2019)
Charlie Bear Jean (NEW ARRIVAL 2019) Price : $207.00
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This stylish and sophisticated bear is made from gorgeously long and thick fur in delicate shades of creamy/white and beige, with some darker tipping and this is extra long and fluffy around the paws, which are sculpted and stitched.

Her muzzle has been shaved to show off her two-tone hand-stitched nose and dark twinkling eyes, that also have some white underneath, to give her an endearing expression. She has white teardrop markings, which means she is a panda.

She is quite a big bear, at 20" and so you will get a big hug back from her and she look very pretty with her big satin bow that sits on top of a beautiful lace collar...... so all in all, she is one amazing panda!

Jean is from the Charlie Bears 2019 Collection

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