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Charlie Bear Sneaky Peek (2019 COLLECTION)
Charlie Bear Sneaky Peek (2019 COLLECTION)
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Size: 13cm

The Plush Hug Book Collection consists of a wonderfull collection of small, cute, jointed plush bears, that are only 5" (13cm) and each bear comes inside their own hug book keepsake box. These are available to buy individually and each bear and box is a different colour and the box has gilt writing, so they will look great on a bookshelf or anywhere that you want to display them. 

This is a brand new series, new for the 2019 plush collection 

Sneaky Peek is made from dark brown fur that has a lot of light tipping, with a cream muzzle and fluffy bib. He has dark eyes and a dark hand-stitched nose and mouth and wears a collar of small bells.  His hug book is brown, with silver gilt writing.

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