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Charlie Bear Flynn (NEW ARRIVAL 2019 COLLECTION)
Charlie Bear Flynn (NEW ARRIVAL 2019 COLLECTION) Price : $108.00
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Charlie Bear Flynn Size 43cm

 Flynn has been created in truly super soft plush fabrics.  Flynn like Errol is packed with lots of our iconic design features. From sculptured paw pads, softly filled and weighted bear bottoms, hand stitched nose and signature “who me?” look. He has an oversized floppy styled ribbon bow and a key to your heart pendant necklace. He is truly adorable and looks amazing. with his beary best friend Errol. I am you will find it hard to put them down once held

Flynn is another gorgeous bear from the Charlie Bear 2019 Collection. Flynn is made from a combination of forest green and black fur with some whispy bits in light grey around his face and tummy. His fur is very thick and dense but super soft and is beautiful to feel. He has a soulful face, with his large dark eyes, a greyish muzzle and eyebrows and a hand-stitched nose in dark green. He has sculptured and stitched paw pads, and he wears a big mink satin ribbon and has a key pendant and you will enjoy showing this bear to everyone, as they too will love his handsome features.

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