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Charlie Bear Nick (NEW ARRIVAL 2020 COLLECTION)
Charlie Bear Nick (NEW ARRIVAL 2020 COLLECTION) Price : $162.00
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Charlie Bear Nick. Size 48cm Charlie Bear Nick is limited in production to 3000 worldwide.

Nick is a plumo bear, which means that there are some touches of mohair or alpaca around the eyes, muzzle or ears, while the rest of the fur is plush. They are extra special bears.

Nick has a very sweet face that will tug on your heart strings. His amber pupil eyes peep out from the long, shaggy, gingery brown fur, that has a great feathered effect and long guard hairs give a whispy look.  The light colouring of the prominent muzzle make a great contrast and shows off the bold two-tone hand-stitched nose and mouth.  He has great big feet and soft, pale stitched and sculpted paw pads.  He is finished off with a big organza bow.

Nick is looking very wistful, wondering if he will be going to a new home. He doesn't need to worry, with his amazing look, he will find a home very quickly!!

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