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Charlie Bear Rodger $216.00 +freight (EXPECTED ARRIVAL 4TH QUARTER 2020 )
Charlie Bear Rodger $216.00 +freight (EXPECTED ARRIVAL 4TH QUARTER 2020 )
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Roger is a plumo bear, which means that there are some touches of mohair or alpaca around the eyes, muzzle or ears, while the rest of the fur is plush..... so they are extra special, as they have a touch of luxury!!

The light and dark grey colour of his fur make a lovely combination and you will be blown away by his softness!! His fur is so thick, dense and silky soft that you will love him to bits. The light muzzle makes a lovely background to the grey hand-stitched nose and mouth and he has the typical panda markings under his gorgeous eyes. His big pads are quite a feature, as the fur is also inbetween the toes and pads, which is unusual and looks very effective.

He is accessorised with an organza bow and this stunning panda will look great anywhere in your home and he will be ready for lots of admiring glares, perhaps one will be from Crin who is paired with him!!

Limited in production to 3000 pieces

Roger is from the Charlie Bears 2020 Collection.

Designed by Isabelle Lee and co-designed by Charlotte Morris

Hand wash cool, with care.

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